Your problem is my passion.

By working together we can help you understand, control or even eliminate a wide spectrum of psychological issues such as anger, stress, lack of self belief, inability to change, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship anxiety, sexual problems, phobias, depression, weight loss, and addictive behaviours.

I can also help you replace those negative behaviours with positive self beliefs, a strong sense of direction and powerful goal setting for the future

I have always believed that every single human being has huge potential emotional resources and strengths. That is why I spent many years in the corporate world as a Learning and Development Specialist and HR professional, to help people unlock that potential.

I am a Therapist, Life Coach, Stress Management Facilitator, and Wellbeing Specialist.

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The most common psychological condition reported to GPs is anxiety. Anxiety can be debilitating and have a serious effect on our quality of life. Anxiety is not a sign of weakness or failure, we all get anxious and I have to reassure you right now that it is OK.

With NLP we can remove the causes and effects of anxiety, using the Timeline process. This process is powerful and effective.

We can also use other powerful techniques such as Hypnotherapy, and EFT, in particular the Sanctuary Meditation which with practice can relax you in seconds and take you to a place where you are safe, calm and protected.

Self Confidence


Lack of self esteem is very frustrating and can hold us back from enjoying life and taking advantage of opportunities. Sometimes we have important events coming up that we are afraid of. NLP can give you your self confidence back and help you cope with that important event.

Lack of self esteem can commonly be the result of negative core values that we have accumulated over time. We may need to dig into the causes of your negative core values before we can move on.



An addiction may be described as a habitual behaviour that has negative consequences. This could include smoking, gambling, alcohol abuse, eating problems, internet addiction and so on. There are several ways in which addictions can be tackled, I have the skills and experience to select the best way for you.

Fears & Phobias


In our modern world, we have little need of the ‘fight or flight’ response, but being an instinctive response, it can still be triggered and when it does we may suffer panic attacks and these can be frightening and may cause unwanted changes in our behaviour. Or we may develop irrational fears.

Don't despair! Fears and phobias are after all just a learned response, and what has been learned can be un-learned.



Along with the favourable income and lifestyle that is enjoyed by many in our society, comes responsibility and stress. This may result in unwanted anger, which is an increasing issue on the road, in the office and in the home. It seems to be an issue in particular for men who can bottle up their frustrations and take them out on other road users or even their families.

Don't despair! Unwanted anger can be successfully controlled and even removed, I will choose the therapy style best suited to you, and together we can help you change your life for the better



In our increasingly hectic lives, Stress is becoming a serious issue which leads not only to behavioural problems but also to physical illnesses even death.

I am a Modern Stress Management Facilitator, which allows me to get to the root causes of your stress and change your Stress into Success. This is an amazingly powerful therapy and training tool, originating from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and it also incorporates many NLP tools as well.

What others say…

"As soon as I met Phillip I felt at ease in his company. He is a warm, calming and a very reassuring man. NLP was insightful, emotional, and effective. Within a week of my final session I achieved a goal that Phillip and I had set together. A goal that before NLP physically paralysed me at the thought! I couldn't recommend Phillip highly enough."

Mrs C. of Newbury (anxiety and fear)

"I had never seen a therapist before Phil so I didn’t really know what to expect or even have expectations really.  His combination of empathy, strength, patience, compassion and insight have helped me find the tools within me to put me back on the right path. I’d lost my way a little and needed to be reminded who I am and what I can achieve by someone outside of my family or friends circle.

Phil is supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skilfully adept at helping me focus on what is really important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. I’m now on the right path and have made significant changes after my sessions with Phil.

You'll be in safe hands if you decide to work with Phil. I highly recommend him. "

Miss A- Weight loss and Life Coaching


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